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Please click here or the image below to download the latest DPF Manager installer


After installing please follow this walkthrough to get the most out of DPFManager:

1. Copy all your photos to a folder on your hard drive, ideally somewhere they will not be moved (E.g. My Photos) or alternatively, plug in your memory card.

2. Open DPF Manager (See here)

3. Import the images or items you want to be seen by uaing the Open File or Open Folder buttons or by dragging and dropping them. You can then delete, rotate and change the order of the list as you like using tools built into DPF Manager – this does NOT affect the original files in anyway. (See here)

4. Set the properties for your DPF(See here)

5. Export copies of the pictures to a folder, memory card or directly to your DPF device.

6. Enjoy!

For a full manual in .pdf form, please click here.